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These are the notes from the May 4th, 2000 Munhacke District Boy Scout Roundtable

The Program Feature was Successful Summer Camp, we broke to Topic down into five section for discussion:

1. Promotion/Parent meeting

2. Planning

3. Pre-Camp Meeting

4. At Summer Camp

5. Court of Honor

Promotion/Parent meeting

When is a good time to promote summer camp? Early in year, right after Webelos cross over. How do you get parents to attend this meeting? Make sure you have an agenda, date, time, & location planed well in advance.
Advertise it
You also can have a potluck that day.
Where can I get stuff to display about Camp at the meeting? These are available through your council office from the camping committee
Videos of camp, slide show of previous years
OA has summer camp videos
Troop historian has pictures ( I hope )
Summer camp leader guide book
Summer Camp posters
What info should be on the agenda? What summer camp is all about.
Why we go to summer camp
Where we are going
About how much it will cost
Payment Plan
Early bird discount approx. $15-$20
The location of the camp
Fund raising opportunities
What programs are offered at this camp
When more preparation sessions will be
What should everyone go home with? A clear understanding of why Summer Camp is important
A flyer advertising the trip
A good feeling that the meeting was well run and organized


What tools can I use to help with the planning? Advancement records
Example planning packet of summer camp
Camp Leader Guide
Last years notes
What are some things to consider in planning? Troop Goals: one merit badge, one rank advance, Five mile hike, Mile swim
Permission slips
Different forms at each camp
Health forms
Physicals at a troop meeting ( bring in a doctor)
Transportation, maps, seatbelts, tour permit, meals in route, health form in cars
Patrol equipment
Troop equipment tents/no tents
First aid kits
Pre camp meeting
Camp Program
Special Camp Activities: Tree house night, canoeing, mountain bike
Pre-swim checks ( right after Webelos come in)
Big Brother / Guide for new scout summer camp experience
Merit badges choosing, get pre-requisite done before summer camp so merit badge can be completed at summer camp
Two deep leadership
Youth protection training
Uniforming: Class A and/or Class B, do the new scout have.
Physical equipment check for new scouts(training session)
List of who is going and what badges
Deposit on campsite 1 year in advance for next year
Demo equipment of what is needed for a long term camp
Go visit camp off session so new scouts are familiar ( orientation weekend )

Pre-Camp Meeting

You can have three separate meetings in one! Boys, Stay home Adults, & Going Adults.

Things to be reviewed with the boys

What is going to happen at camp
Expectations / behavioral of Scouts and Adults
Travelling in other peoples cars, driver makes rules
What to bring what not to bring
Will it be patrol or mess hall eating
Things to be reviewed with the stay home adults Departure times
Write letter mail before he leaves, get on Tuesday
Emergency #, hand delivered messages
Directions to family night.
Don't send food that will melt or animals like ( no where to store )
Who is the troops at home contact person
Health forms in
SPL will be in charge at camp, Scoutmaster will be responsible
Tell parents rule of discipline before you leave for camp, if the parent needs to come pickup let them know the policy.
Things to be reviewed with the adults going to camp Drivers
Confirm Responsibilities
Coordinating Maps, trips, stops, receipts
Expectations of adults
Two deep leadership
Youth protection
Buddy system
Situations handling discussion, role playing type questions
First Day Activities - twiddle your thumbs.
Review goals
Expectations / behavioral of Scouts and Adults

At Summer Camp

How to keep the adults happy & Busy Take first year scouts to program.
Take Second year scouts to merit badges.
Adult for medications
Adult follow up of scouts, especially 1st two days
Volunteer Adults to help in areas
Always a leader in camp, asking questions, and demonstrate skills, sign off
Razor in tree
Get pictures of the scouts in action
Sinking the canoe
Swim test with clothes
Cooking demonstration
Medication locked up and put away
Check up with scouts
Adult staff meeting daily
Arrange adult free time or days off if they want, go into town
Pizza party Adults go get it and take extra time.
Give them a responsibility, keep them busy
Particapate in the whole program do the activities
Camp buddy board- where you are in camp
Bee sting kit who needs who has
How to keep the Boys Happy & Busy Extra Activities
Water balloon fight on troop shower night.
Troop Overnight adventure
Night Hike
Campfire with another troop
Sleep under the stars
Troop banquet
Troop elections / campaign
Wide area games / challenge the staff
Daily in camp problem solving (Stuffed animal)
Traditions or start a new one
Listen to the scouts.
Bow and Arrow
Cook off
Climbing walls
Mile Swim
Polar Bear Swim
Troop bugler
Troop service project
Make it FUN & Memorable
Pizza party
PLC runs the camp
Oath & Law
Camp evaluation

Court of Honor

Here are some tips on making a great court of honor after summer camp Right after Summer camp
Family Potluck / Picnic
Try to have awards for everybody
Goofy awards of something that happen
Display what they did at camp
Have certain scouts prepare and tell about part of the experience