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Recruiting from the Community

The biggest trick to recruit from the community is figuring out how to get the boys to come to your meeting.

There are several techniques available: You could have a night where each scout invites a friend or brother to the troop meeting. Make sure there is a presentation and some cool skills being covered and a awesome campout coming up. A reason for them to come back, make sure their parents are also invited. Never just recruit the boys.

Another techique is to have a special open house. Publish in paper, Have each family make a list of potential new scouts, Send personal invites to the homes

For the open house
have refreshments ( ALWAYS )
have photo albums of trips
have a slide show
have camp promo videos running
bring in camp gear ( set it up )
Have skill demonstartions
Have Philmont video playing
Have greeters
Have a sign in
Have scouters ready to answer questions
Make sure to greet and talk with the visitors
Have applications available
Have troop calendars available
Have a flyer for the next outing
Tell them about summer camp
Tell them from the Heart what scouting means to you.
Invite District Executive, community leaders…..