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A key point that makes a different in any scouting activity is meetings the needs of the group. When you are recruiting Webelos, you need to remember they are not ready to hike 100miles in the backcountry. We need to gear the activities and presentations to the group at hand.

For a presentation to a Webelos Den you might want to bring along the SPL and a scout that has just been in for one year. Think what kind of exciting stories these two can present.

Here is a sample agenda of a presentation:

Have the Den Leader introduce the SPL to the group.

Have the SPL explain to the Webelos that he is in charge of running the troop.

Have a slide show of a overnight canoe trip or some other Higher Adventure. About 10min max

Have the first year scout tell about camping and all the neat skills he has learned in one year.

Now you can explain about how much fun the adults have on the campouts. ( Tell about the great food)

Next have the SPL review the Yearly calendar, give a short description of the ones already this year and about the ones coming up

At the end ask for questions, Let the scouts you brought along answer as many as possible.

Make sure the Den leader planned a snack, or bring one with. So there is time for the Scouts to interact with the Webelos, while looking through the Scout Handbook, Merit Badge Books, Troop Photo Albums.

Make sure everyone thanks the den for letting them visit. Leave Your Phone Number, Troop calendar, and an invite to visit on a campout and troop meeting (arrow of Light Requirement)