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Construction : Games : Train

Games for the Trip

Car Games
Kids Travel
Live and Learn - Games To Play With Children In The Car
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory - Travel Games Help Kids Learn

Road Construction

United States Department of Transportation
Accutraffic - Fast to use

Direct Construction Links
Indiana - Indiana Department of Transportation
Illinois - Illinois Department of Transportation
Kentucky - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Michigan - Michigan Department of Transportation
New York - New York State Department of Transportation
Ohio - Ohio Department of transportation
Ontario - Ontario Ministry of Transportation 1-800-268-1376
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Train Travel

Amtrak - United States Rail System
VIA - Canada Rail System
Canadian Passenger Rail Services - Unoffical
Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District- South shore Line
Chicago Transit
Metra's Commuter Rail System- Northeast Illinois
Passenger Rail Service In Indiana
North American Passenger Railroads- RailServe